1. Update!  Auction closed.  Thanks to high bidder Mike and to everyone who bid!


    For my US fans, Happy July 4th.  To celebrate Independance Day, time for another twitter auction.

     This time, I’m auctioning off this anti-monarchist art monkey (10” x 20”, pen and ink on watercolour paper) to support Courage to Resist’s Defense of Bradley Manning.  Wikileaks whistleblower Manning has done as much to advance the cause of government transparency as anyone living, and it’s important to offer him support.

    Twitter auctions work like this

    1. At 1030am EST, I post the image on twitter.  Bidders respond to @mollycrabapple to bid

    2. Every time someone bids, I post the high bid. 

    3. Bidding ends at 1pm EST

    4.  The winning bidder sends me proof of their donation to Courage to Resist’s defense of Bradley Manning, and I send them their art

    If you don’t have the scratch or wallspace to consider buying art, please consider making a donation to Courage to Resist anyway.


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    All art lovers out there, check out this fun auction and support a good cause!
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