1. The Situation of Andrew “weev” Auernheimer

    via a friend who just visited him in prison.

    Andrew is currently serving 3.5 years for revealing a security flaw by AT&T.  He has been in administrative segregation for twenty days as punishment for using his payphone calls to post to Soundcloud, and for sending pre-written tweets to a friend to post to his account.


    This is what administrative segregation means.

    Andrew is in a 10x10 cell.  He is permitted to leave for 3 15-minute showers a week.

    Andrew has celiac disease- which means his intestines bleed and he is in violent pain if he eats wheat. He cannot eat most prison food.  His friends were giving him money to buy food he can eat from the commissary, but he is no longer allowed access more than $20 a month of these funds. They’re being put towards his $73k fine to AT&T

    Andrew was kept from speaking to his lawyer for twenty days.  His lawyer’s calls, emails and faxes were unanswered.

    Prison officials have threatened to place him in a CMU unit, or to shift him from prison to prison, so his loved ones on the outside will not be able to find him.

    Andrew is given two envelopes and twenty stamps a month.  These are his only means of communication with the outside world. 

    He has no access to the rest of his property.


    Prison is a machine for crushing lives, where the smallest thing (a book, the sound of your friend’s voice across a crackling payphone) are snatched away as punishment for the most trivial disobedience. America imprisons more of its population than any country in the world. It’s incumbent on us not to look away.

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