1. "Molly Crabapple scrawled lively anthropomorphic cat-caricature murals on nearly every vertical surface, one of which uses more than 30 feet of $1,000-a-yard de Gournay wallpaper as its canvas and recalls Basquiat and Warhol’s collaborative defacement series as much as Harold and the Purple Crayon."
    — Village Voice on Kitty’s Canteen, the restaurant whose entire interior I defaced this summer
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  3. a stencil of me by Art Sarr


  4. "Benglis was drawn to the medium because, as she told Pincus-Witten, she “saw it was a big macho game, a big heroic, Abstract Expressionist, macho, sexist game. It’s all about territory. How big?”"
    — Ana Cecila Alvarez. The New Inquiry 

  5. "When one considers as a group IBM, Jeff Koons, and speculative black planes of mirrored glass, one thinks of ’80s decadence. But it is now 2014, and one also has to reflect on their strange, ghostly persistence. IBM tanked in the early ’90s but didn’t die; it went on more quietly. Same with Jeff Koons; same with speculative black office buildings made of mirrored glass. All that’s solid melts into air, but occasionally, it hardens years later into glassy value without relinquishing its airy status."

    Alexander Benaim on a certain building in Astor Place.  ”Dicks”  The New Inquiry 

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    I found an old photo - The End Of The World Party

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    Regram from @mollycrabapple | Reading Inferno (a poet’s novel) by Eileen Myles

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    Gorgeous halftone on halftone action @mollycrabapple

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    Amidst all the chaos, love prevails. Lindsey and Edward at home in Moscow.

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    Travel Comic: The Traveling Witch’s Handbook

    -Things you need for a fabulous life on the road.

    I never posted this comic I did for my zine collaboration with Wendy Xu (@angrygirlcomics) and Stevie Wilson (@sw_inku)—it is part of a zine we made called ‘Modern Magic,’ exploring fashion as a form of magic that transforms & empowers individuals. Modern Magic has been to MoCCa 2014 & Philly Feminist Zine Fest, and coming to Locust Moon Festival in October, aaand possibly SPX which is very soon!

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    How Can We Stop Cops from Beating and Killing? Molly Crabapple on Policing, Violence, and Justice

    Occupy Wall Street activist Shawn Carrié always dreamed of becoming a classical pianist, and he was on his way, with a full music scholarship to New York University. That all changed on March 17, 2012, when, during a demonstration at Zuccotti Park, a New York City police officer pulled his thumb back and back and back until it broke. Six other cops kicked him until he bled from his ears, according to Shawn. He told me that while he was held at the Midtown South Precinct an officer named Perez tore a splint the hospital had given him from his finger and said, “You fucking Occupiers. Every time you come back, we’re going to kick your ass.”

    Shawn would never play piano at a professional level again. 

    In December 2013, New York City paid Shawn (whose birth name is Shawn Schrader) an $82,500 settlement as compensation for the beatings and for arresting him on an old warrant meant for a different person named Shawn Carrié. But the officers themselves paid not a cent. Nor were they arrested, as civilians who break peoples’ fingers might be. They admitted no wrongdoing. They suffered no consequences at all. Instead, New York City taxpayers bore the cost. 

    Shawn’s lawsuit could be considered a success. But it did nothing to dissuade the cops who attacked him from attacking others. When we spoke in my living room, his pale eyes flashed with anger. “Justice might as well be a cotton-candy castle in the sky,” he said. “I’ve never seen it.”


  13. “With the exception of Vice News, ISIS has permitted no foreign journalists to document life under their rule in Raqqa,” Crabapple wrote. “Instead, they rely on their own propaganda. To create these images, I drew from cell-phone photos a Syrian sent me of daily life in the city. Like the Internet, art evades censorship.”

    -” Scenes of Daily Life in the De Facto Capital of ISIS”  Vanity Fair

    art by Molly Crabapple. Words by an anonymous Syrian.  

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    Molly Crabapple just posted this sketch of Stoya from the opening of Shell Game last April