1. "We need beauty. But what right did I have, I kept asking myself, in a world so full of hell?
    In his poem, “A Brief for the Defense,” Jack Gilbert attempted an answer. “We must risk delight,” he wrote. Life contains everything. Tear gas in Ferguson. Books read on the grass. Foley’s murder. Dancing in New Orleans, till sunrise blots the stars. We’re meat—fragile and finite. But joy is survival."

  2. 3liza:

    really heavy makeup is this insane process by which you can disappear into a generic “ideal” until you are no longer recognizable, just by putting different colors of dirt on your face. it is powerful and frightening


  3. "A generation that had gone to school in horse-drawn streetcars now stood in the open air, amid a landscape in which nothing was the same except the clouds, and at its center, in a forcefield of destructive torrents and explosions, a tiny fragile human body."
    — Walter Benjamin, on the generation that survived the First World War. (via mattdpearce)

  4. "That girl typing alone at the internet café might be finishing off her novel. Or she might be breaking up with her boyfriend. Or breaking into a bank. Unless you can see her screen, you can’t know for sure. It’s all just keystrokes."

  5. "We’re meat—fragile and finite. But joy is survival."

  6. "The first piece of advice I have for people if they want to be a crazy artist like me is that companies are there to exploit you, and to extract as much labor out of you as possible while paying you as little money as possible. Always treat companies with intense cynicism and try to exploit them back as much as you can. The big mistake that will fuck you over in life is being a team player, because you’ll waste years and years of your life until you wake up one day having made some company a lot of money and having made yourself shit….they will just take your hard work and talent to make money for themselves and discard you when you’re no longer useful. So be very cynical."
  7. The world is connected now. Where it breaks, we all break. But it is our world, to love as it burns around us. Jack Gilbert is right. “We must risk delight” in the summer of monsters. Beauty is survival, not distraction. Beauty is a way of fighting. Beauty is a reason to fight.”

    -“We Must Risk Delight After This Summer of Monsters.”  VICE

  8. My piece for Temple of Art

    photo by Allan Amato, drawn on by me

  9. Me and Syrie on the streets of Soho.  By Lillian Loraine

  10. I drew on Allan Amato’s photo of me

  11. Drawing of a friend. Playing with dye

  12. Drawing for Ferguson 

    thank you to my beautiful friend Akynos who posed for this

  13. Portrait of James Foley.  War photographer. Rest in peace, hero 

  14. Portrait of Luke O’Donovan.  Luke is a young queer guy from Atlanta who was charged with “Assault with a Deadly Weapon” after defending himself from a mob of gay-bashers.  He faces up to ten years in prison.  You can donate to his jail support here.

    Done at the request of Luke’s support team.

  15. artisafeeling:

    Molly Crabapple