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    Molly Crabapple photographed by Ellen Rogers at Prangsta Costumiers in London. (via http://ellenrogers.co.uk/posts/molly-crabapple)

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    July 26 Saturday / 27 Sunday / Molly Crabapple / Dorian Deconstructed #2, 2007, personal work, exhibition; pen, ink, gouache and digital #taschen #illustrationnow (at ООО “РН-Информ”)

  3. Had the great honor of being asked to come along with Zeitouna, a program by the  Karam Foundation, to mentor displaced Syrian kids. A few dozen of us came to the Salam School, a school of in Southeast Turkey for refugees. Dentists from the Syrian American Medical Society fixed hundreds of kids teeth. Boxers taught little girls to kickbox, and my friend Lina Sergie introduced the kids to the fundaments of architecture. I drew these murals

    The teachers, refugees themselves, were brilliant and inspiring. I’m shy and not particularly great with kids, and my Arabic has faded to a few sentences.  But the kids loved watching me draw cats and mice up to no good all over the walls.

    Photos by Mohamad Ojjeh.

  4. "A large painted wood cut-out head by Molly Crabapple, “Portraits of Myself and Lola Montes with Things Said About Us By Our Contemporaries” (2014), guards the exhibition from the center like a female Janus, goddess of doors and transitions. The artist uses the style of graphic novel illustration to represent the portraits on each side of the disc. Like loosely pricked tattoos in different scripts scattered across both sides of the sculpture are quotes such as “Social misfit,” “Seriously psychotic,” and “Man killer.” Crabapple’s piece warns that language, with its vast potential for making connections, can also isolate and subjugate."

    -Brooklyn Rail


  5. "

    Somewhere at the end of this half smoked cigarette, there is a sentence waiting. It will contain all the right quotes and statistics, all the histories and traumas. I will let it speak and then I will be silent.

    It will place you in the living rooms of nervous mothers waiting to hear back from daughters and sons who still haven’t returned from a protest. It will slam you against the back of a military jeep and call you a whore in a language you never wanted to learn. You will feel choked with grief or loss or white phosphorus. Or all three.

    After all, in Gaza, it’s always all three.

    — Talal Aylan.  Letter to Tel Aviv
  6. Also notable, and on the agitprop front, is Molly Crabapple’s “Portraits of myself and Lola Montes with things said about us by our contemporaries.” This outsize painted wood cutout has faces from pulp-fiction illustrations covered with enough written comments to prove that little has changed from the 19th century to the 21st in terms of the verbal abuse often heaped upon nonconforming women.”

    -Roberta Smith.  

    my first time in the NY Times art section. Not the girl ghetto of lifestyle

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    Molly Crabapple

    Ellen Rogers

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    Stoked on this book about economic inequality in NYC (De Blasio’s “tale of two cities”) with short stories from Junot Díaz, Lydia Davis, Dave Eggers, Zadie Smith, … 

    Plus: Epic cover art by Molly Crabapple.

  9. Me and Leah Reich by Teju Cole

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    "Stop Telling Women To Smile" in Atlanta

    Artist: Tatyana Fahzlalizadeh

    Follow: stoptellingwomentosmile

    Model: Dean Steed daughterofzami

    (via stoptellingwomentosmile)

  11. Imprisonment is erasure. The state locks a person in a cage—without context, without community, without love. He becomes not human but a widget passing through a system of absolute control. The CMU enacts a double erasure: it represents the ultimate scission of the prisoner from his non-prison self. You are in a box. You are no one. You belong to us.

    - “The United States Wants the World to Forget These Prisoners”.  Creative Time Reports.  by Molly Crabapple

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    @mollycrabapple bathroom selfie by amandawhip

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    I’ve spent a lot of years living with partners, whether or not I was monogamous with them. Even though this apartment is a shared space with Rachel, I like to have my own bed to stretch out on, and I think that’s a particular joy for me. I didn’t have any assumed space that was mine for a long time, from my teens until my mid-20s. Now, if I have someone sleep over for a week because I care about them or because they are delicious, it’s a choice.”


    Natasha, the People’s Posh.


  15. "At this type of party, I always tell myself I won’t eat the food. Journalists are either shills or situational sociopaths. When you cover the powerful, they serve great canapés. The powerful can seem so nice. Your lizard brain tells you to be nice back. But to be nice is to sell out those workers sweating it out for $200 a month. I swipe a flute of orange juice."