1. My piece for Temple of Art

    photo by Allan Amato, drawn on by me

  2. Me and Syrie on the streets of Soho.  By Lillian Loraine

  3. I drew on Allan Amato’s photo of me

  4. Drawing of a friend. Playing with dye

  5. Drawing for Ferguson 

    thank you to my beautiful friend Akynos who posed for this

  6. Portrait of James Foley.  War photographer. Rest in peace, hero 

  7. Portrait of Luke O’Donovan.  Luke is a young queer guy from Atlanta who was charged with “Assault with a Deadly Weapon” after defending himself from a mob of gay-bashers.  He faces up to ten years in prison.  You can donate to his jail support here.

    Done at the request of Luke’s support team.

  8. artisafeeling:

    Molly Crabapple


  9. "We also live in an era where a lot of the old, supporting institutions are either opening up or crumbling, so I suggest that people don’t try to distort who they are to fit notions of what’s professionally viable, because that paradigm is over. I suggest you focus in on your weirdness, your passions, and your fucked-up damage, and be yourself as truly as you can."
    — Molly Crabapple’s advice to young artists. Well said. (via wendyfitch)

  10. "I love the gluttonous, Pablo-Picasso-Diego-Rivera god-monster of modernism where you try to tackle the entire world with your art."
  12. dont-kill-your-future:

    What a babe. #illustration #art #mollycrabapple

  13. thegreatdiscontent:

    Interview 140: Molly Crabapple, New York City-based artist and writer, recalls her early years in the city, opens up about a defining Occupy Wall Street experience, talks about combining art and journalism, and gives some damn good advice.

    Read the interview →

    Photo by Lou Noble

  14. jbinjapan:

    Ellen Rogers - Molly Crabapple (2011)

  15. jbknibbs:

    Kim Boekbinder by JB Knibbs

    Some more shots from my New York photoshoot with the fabulous Kim Boekbinder, aka The Impossible Girl. (So pleased with these!)