1. KT does my makeup.  Filming for secret project by Clayton Cubitt

  2. Portrait of Cece McDonald

  3. OldCat died while I was working on Kitty’s Canteen.  I drew her on the wall

  4. In honor of The Divide, Matt Taibbi’s book that I illustrated, becoming an NYT bestseller, here are some of the interior drawings.  Can’t say what an honor it was to do this, and how cool it was to work with Matt


  5. "But I came to this conclusion a long time ago: “Selling out” means there are no more tickets at Madison Square Garden."
    — Courtney Love, via Sarah Jaffe
  6. Return to Homs

    About a young soccer goalie who became a leader of the revolution in Homs

  7.  Me in Kitty’s Canteen, the new restaurant I spent all of February defacing with sharpies, late into the night.  Wallpaper is de Gournay, a thousand bucks a yard.  I drew everywhere.

    Photo by Najva Sol

  8. There’s a feature on me in this week’s Der Spiegel by Mathieu von Rohr.  I can’t read German so no idea what it says, but Mathieu tells me there’s a quote from Salman Rushdie that says “"Molly is an old-style bohemian with very contemporary political sensibilities. I’m very attracted by the fluidity and versatility of her line, and by her images’ mixture of sexiness, satire, and real anger about the state of things.” which is damn sweet of him.

  9. Monica Jones goes into court, in front of a sea of her supporters, to fight for her right to walk while trans without being arrested.  She would lose the case.

    The photo of this brave and beautiful woman is kind of everything

  10. In conversation with Matt Taibbi at Powerhouse

  11. Now

  12. Sketches from the Cecily McMillan trial

  13. Beauties and battles go together like war and lies. Causes are personified as women — Columbia, Marianne — bare-breasted babes leading men to the slaughter. The word “bombshell” is derived from the actresses painted on the sides of bombers, a painted prayer

    -“Riot Square Sanctificare”, on protest’s women martyrs.  By Molly Crabapple for Buzzfeed Ideas

  14. audaciaray:


    [“Prostitution and vampires go arm in arm”]


    Public Service Poster from 1917

    Vampires have preyed on prostitutes throughout history. Often, they would turn prostitutes and use them to lure men to their doom…”


    Want the t-shirt.

  15. freemarissanow:

    Aleta Alston-Toure, Free Marissa Now (right) and Meena Jagannath, Florida Legal Services (left) testifying at Inter-American Commission on Human Rights hearing on Stand Your Ground, 3/25/14. Read FMN’s full statement here. 

    She’s wearing my portrait of Marissa!