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    Photo by Steve Prue. Source: http://mollycrabapple.com/

    If you’re the sort of person who fucking whines about being motivated, like some of the art students I lecture, then just fucking stop. I’m not interested in speaking to anyone who wonders how to motivate themselves. If you need to…

  2. Me and my brilliant man at his show at Last Rites

  3. selfiesagainstmybathroomwall:

    For Molly’s 31st birthday, an offering to the bathroom selfie gods.

  4. Belling the Cat. 

    A Commission for BellingCat

  5. silentjames:

    Happiest Birthday to Molly Crabapple, one of the most extraordinary individuals I know. Her artwork and passion for justice take the world out of jeopardy. I absolutely look up to her!!!


  6. The Last Year

    I’m turning 31 tomorrow, which even more than 30 feels incontrovertibly adult.  No longer on the cusp of adulthood, but well inside it.  This past year has taken me past the edge of burnout.  It burnt in.  

    I wrote a 340 page manuscript for Drawing Blood, my first real book.  

    I went to Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Abu Dhabi (and also Hollywood, Sweden, New Orleans, Columbus).  I saw torn ISIS flags flapping over a town that Syrians had taken back.  A brilliant journalist snuck me onto the site where Abu Dhabi’s new branch of the Louvre is rising. I sketched Turkish soccer ultras as they threw smoke bombs at the police. 

    The Divide, the book I illustrated for Matt Taibbi, came out.  Jon Stewart said the cover was lovely.

    I wrote articles that made people furious, and ones that got me dozens of emails saying I’d made life better. I drew murals at nightclubs and for refugee kids.  I spoke in front of a thousand people in Sweden.  

    I made a giant painting of my face, then wrote all the criticisms people send me on top. Its a talisman

    My best friend had a baby.

    My old cat, the one who I’d had since I was eleven, died.  She was so small at the end.

    Mostly, I wrote. This book ate everything.

    Old friends let me stay in their house upstate. I spent days alone, swimming in their pool, lying on the grass as the mist came off the Hudson, disgorging the last ten years into my laptop.   Memoirs are idiot’s work. How to turn the chaos of life inot something with narrative arc. I remember a tombstone in Paris, that read “The point of human life is to pretend there is a point.”

    Each year I write these lists but they seem more and more vapid: card decks of achievements. What’s that next to the sun on your skin?

  7. Did the cover for Bronx Defenders’ new report on solitary confinement.  They are brave and committed public defenders, and was honored to work with them.  You can read the report here.

  8. Throwback.  That time me and Leavitt did a webcomic for DC before they cancelled the whole imprint, clung to everyone’s copyright so they couldn’t do anything for 5 years, lied to their creators and embittered everyone involved.  Oh what good times those were.


    Puppet Makers by Molly Crabapple and John Leavitt

    (Source: comixology.com)

  9. sashalynillo:

    Got these puppies in the mail. Here’s all the info for my #art opening on Sept 11th!!! “THE NEXT STOP IS” with a Guest Performance by Audible Chocolate. REPOST OR TAG A FRIEND. HOPE YOU CAN ALL MAKE IT :)

    Where: LE SALON D’ ART in NoHo - 90 Stanton Street NEW YORK NY 10002

    When: THURS SEPT 11th @ 7pm - 10pm 

  10. Jerry Mose Rosembert, Haitian street artist

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    Discourse Sucks, by Sam McKinniss

  12. "Fuck Off"

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    Shroud Molly’d in mystery. @mollycrabapple #hookah #waterpipe #mollycrabapple

  14. The band mocks ISIS in Beirut

    Song by The Great Departed.  

  15. Photo by Kim Boekbinder of key tags from last night’s party