1. clevergrrl:

    Stoked on this book about economic inequality in NYC (De Blasio’s “tale of two cities”) with short stories from Junot Díaz, Lydia Davis, Dave Eggers, Zadie Smith, … 

    Plus: Epic cover art by Molly Crabapple.

  2. Me and Leah Reich by Teju Cole

  3. daughterofzami:

    "Stop Telling Women To Smile" in Atlanta

    Artist: Tatyana Fahzlalizadeh

    Follow: stoptellingwomentosmile

    Model: Dean Steed daughterofzami

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  4. Imprisonment is erasure. The state locks a person in a cage—without context, without community, without love. He becomes not human but a widget passing through a system of absolute control. The CMU enacts a double erasure: it represents the ultimate scission of the prisoner from his non-prison self. You are in a box. You are no one. You belong to us.

    - “The United States Wants the World to Forget These Prisoners”.  Creative Time Reports.  by Molly Crabapple

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    @mollycrabapple bathroom selfie by amandawhip

  6. moresongsaboutbuildings:


    I’ve spent a lot of years living with partners, whether or not I was monogamous with them. Even though this apartment is a shared space with Rachel, I like to have my own bed to stretch out on, and I think that’s a particular joy for me. I didn’t have any assumed space that was mine for a long time, from my teens until my mid-20s. Now, if I have someone sleep over for a week because I care about them or because they are delicious, it’s a choice.”


    Natasha, the People’s Posh.


  8. "At this type of party, I always tell myself I won’t eat the food. Journalists are either shills or situational sociopaths. When you cover the powerful, they serve great canapés. The powerful can seem so nice. Your lizard brain tells you to be nice back. But to be nice is to sell out those workers sweating it out for $200 a month. I swipe a flute of orange juice."

  9. "Part of being an adult is going, ‘Yes there are people prettier/smarter/more talented than me, but I’m good on my own’. You’re not oppressed by something just because it makes you feel insecure."
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    Stoya, Molly Crabapple’s Art!!

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    Shooting Stoya reference for my book, which is turning into an illustrated scrapbook of friends

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  12. My art at an Adalah-NY protest for Gaza


  13. Anonymous said: Not really a question but this douchebag I know said he didn't like your work and that's how I got introduced to it. I'm now a huge fan and I have shown your artwork and writing in classes as examples of brilliant feminist production. You rock.

    D’aww, this warms my black heart

  14. Poster for The Hedgehog and The Hare, a documentary about weev and the CFAA

  15. handalahasaposse:

    by Molly Crabapple